Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts Final Art

I thought I'd share how the illustration turned out since posting the drawing.  It took a while to select colors for the bridge and water. This shade of blue seemed appropriate for the Mississippi River rather than a blue green that felt too tropical.  Creating the water shapes was fun and very intuitive, not based on photographic reference since the water is frozen this time of year. But I hope it suggests the energy of the river. The people represent the joggers, bikers, families and tourists who use the bridge.  There's St. Anthony Falls and the area along St. Anthony Main where the festival will be held.

The illustration went through a couple revisions. The arch got narrowed, we tried a gradated sky and also a solid color box behind the type but switched that back.  That's the beauty of working in digital. It's very flexible.  So the art is off to be placed in ads, newspapers, web etc. and I need to get  posters printed for the Festival Organizers to sell the weekend of the event. One poster will be framed professionally and exhibited. That will be fun! I'll be meeting the framer soon to discuss.