Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Twin Cities Bungalow Club Anniversary Project

Although I don't own or live in a bungalow, I have a love for them and an interest in the Arts and Crafts Movement.  I found like-minded friends when I joined the Twin Cities Bungalow Club a few years ago. The Club just celebrated their 20th year Anniversary and the board asked me to create a special gift for their members.  This resulted in a unique four pack of cards, each highlighting a bungalow style found locally and a special art print incorporating the houses into a Minneapolis and St. Paul skyline.

I worked with Tim Counts, club president, and Gail Tischler, board member, to draw the houses and create appropriate color palettes. Some of the reference they provided required some revised drawing since some homeowners had updated and removed original bungalow details from the home.

Here's one of my original pencil sketches:

The Bungalow board reviewed all the pencils and gave direction for revisions in keeping with bungalow details. Once the pencils were approved, I scanned my drawings into the computer, redrew the lines and added color to the shapes.

I kept the grass, sky and tree colors the same in all four illustrations so they would look like a matched set and work together in a combined print.

Here's each individual card with the white envelope:

Then I created an illustration incorporating all four bungalows into a print with a Minneapolis and St. Paul skyline. Artistic license is always taken to make the impossible look believable.

The cards and prints were distributed to the more than 400 members last month and I'm told were well received. I enjoyed learning more about bungalows during the whole process and was happy to create this for The Twin Cities Bungalow Club. If you are interested in joining the Club, here's a link to their website for more info.

Congratulations to the club on their 20th Anniversary!