Thursday, March 10, 2016

Illustrating Coffman Union

Even if you didn't attend the University of Minnesota, you've probably heard of Coffman Union. It's the hub for student activity and is also home to the University Bookstore. I've been fortunate to work with the manager and create new cards for the Bookstore gift shop. The first one was Northrop which established the look with a Minnesota maroon and gold border, and Coffman is my second illustration. After walking back and forth in front of the building trying to see which angle worked best, I decided upon this view...with a few alterations. 

I took artistic license and removed the railing blocking the view and added red and gold flowers along the sidewalk. Previous online photos showed they had planted them in past years. I also added the Minneapolis skyline on the right side, closer and larger than it is in reality, but it enhanced the meaning and composition of the card.

After scanning my pencil drawing, I add the color digitally using saved palettes from the Northrop illustration so they relate by colors in a series.Everything came together well, even the simplified flower bed. Afterwards, I get a final ok from the Gift shop Manager before creating cards and prints. 
They are available at the University Bookstore as well as my Etsy shop. 
Next up is The Mondale Law Building for this Spring.

Coffman Union card in my Etsy shop
Coffman Union 8x10 print in my Etsy shop