Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twin Cities Bungalow Club

You don't have to own a bungalow to belong to the Twin Cities Bungalow Club.  Thank goodness because I don't.  But if you enjoy learning more about bungalows and the Arts and Crafts Movement, this is a great club to belong to.  And no, I'm not on the membership committee or anything like that, just a fan sharing one of my favorite groups.

Besides the informational newsletter that goes out quarterly, there are group events that happen throughout the year. There are talks about antiques I've attended, home tours in May and workshops like a stencil class I took last year.

 This month's event on January 29th is presented on "Five Outrageous Women of the Arts & Crafts Movement" by Anne Stewart O'Donnell.  She is the former magazine editor for Style 1900.  Well, she got my attention.  If you're interested in learning more about the event and the Bungalow Club, please click this link.

It's a valuable resource for all things Bungalow.  Check them out!