Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Own Wallpaper Designs

I'm not a fan of wallpaper, but this could change my mind.  I was able to make a sample of wallpaper thru Spoonflower using my Dragonfly print. Wow, it is really impressive!  The wallpaper colors matched the fabric samples that Modern Yardage printed very well.That doesn't always happen when using something as different as heavy coated paper vs. soft cotton fabric.
Spoonflower is a digital printing company in the US that produces fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper for the creative types and don't require us to order large amounts. This was my first try at it and received a swatch 2' wide and 1' tall for $5.  I didn't apply it on anything yet as a test but it comes with instructions and is self-adhesive; no paste required.  It says it's easy to remove, too. Full rolls are $60 for 12' lengths.

Close up of wallpaper swatch
How great would it be to customize your home with custom fabric and custom wallpaper?!  Here's how it looks next to the quilt designed by Annik Miller of Mini Mushrooms using my Amelia Harper Collection from Modern Yardage.

You can order this wallpaper now at this Spoonflower link. The fabric is available for purchase at this Modern Yardage link.  I will definitely try new wallpaper designs to match my fabric designs and post them. No one should be allowed to have this much fun!  Thank you modern technology!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Amelia's Nursery Accessories

Annik Miller of Mini Mushrooms' original Craftsman quilt
Embroidered name by Carole Youngren
Last week I shared the wonderful quilt that Annik Miller of Mini Mushrooms designed and sewed using my Amelia Harper fabric Collection from Modern Yardage. She has generously offered her quilt pattern on her blog here! This week I'm sharing a few nursery bedding items and accessories to go with the quilt for Amelia's room.

The pillow turned out exactly how I imagined it when I designed the Butterfly print with the solid shapes between the butterflies. I think personalized items make wonderful gifts.  Carole Youngren used her Bernina Artista 630 sewing machine with the embroidery module. Amelia's name is stitched using the Anniversary font that came with the Bernina software, and the thread is Sulky, Dark Ecru 40 weight 100% rayon thread.  She stabilized the back with a lightweight cut away stabilizer.

I made the crib skirt out of the Stripe pattern that is also found in the quilt.  It's a pattern I found online that matched my sewing level...beginnerish.

Then one afternoon at the Linden Tree, Melissa helped me make the crib sheet using the Dragonfly print. She has a serger to finish raw edges.  I think the longest time was spent running the elastic thru the entire edge pocket, but again, pretty simple to do. It combines to make a very custom nursery bedding set.

It was also easy to apply Dragonfly print fabric to a white lampshade with an adhesive spray and PVA glue for the wrapped edges. It really pulls the room together having accessories to match the quilt.   Amelia's Mom suggested some room darkening curtains now that it's so light in the evenings, so now we'll be looking at curtain patterns to use.  

Remember that Modern Yardage will continue these prints for a long time, so you won't run short if you decide to make a bigger sheet or quilt in the following year...just reorder. Here's a link to my Amelia Harper fabric at Modern Yardage.