Friday, December 20, 2013

Big SnOwls with Big Possibilities

What could you make with extra large Snow Owls? These fabric panels are available thru Modern Yardage with my SnOwls Collection. My first thought is pillows; both as regular shape and contour shape.  Melissa, owner of The Linden Tree, made up the first pillow using a super soft fabric on the back with a piped edging. Perfect to snuggle with! Thank you to Genevieve and Lindsey for posing with them.

These panels are available in 6 colors to match all the SnOwl prints.  I'm going to use the violet one to make a contour pillow over Christmas break to match the lounge pants I made.

What else can you make with these designs?  A pillow case, a center for a blanket or quilt, a tote, stretch it over canvas for art?  I think it's fun to offer these large panels to my Modern Yardage collections. Check them out and order yours here.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SnOwls Collection

Gray SnOwls Flight, Pine Cones, Flakes
Introducing my latest Modern Yardage Collection SnOwls!  These snow owls in Flight are the highlight of the collection with two additional prints called Flakes and Pine Cones.  They come in 6 different color ways: aqua, periwinkle, cocoa, gray, magenta and violet.  In addition, each print comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large!

Cocoa Snowls Flight, Pine Cones, Flakes

Aqua SnOwls Flight, Pine Cones, Flakes

Magenta SnOwls Flight, Pine Cones, Flakes

Periwinkle SnOwls Flight, Pine Cones, Flakes

Violet SnOwls Flight, Pine Cones, Flakes
When you order this collection from Modern Yardage here, you will get a special gift with SnOwls icons in the white space to use for all your projects.  I think they make great appliques on tops.  I can't wait to show you how great these look as lounge pants.

Coming next, I'll feature the SnOwl icon panels available in each color.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Art Outside the Box

Last Saturday was the walking tour of the CARAG neighborhood Utility Box projects featuring the art wraps of four Minneapolis artists. I was one of the fortunate artists selected to have my Cherry Tomato art applied as part of the community effort to cut down on graffiti. Taggers found the previously tan boxes an inviting canvas for their marks, much to the dismay of the neighborhoods.  It's a constant and costly battle besides being an eye sore.

This project was made possible through the Innovative Graffiti Prevention Micro Grant from the City of Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling Devision, with additional support from the Uptown Association, the CARAG neighborhood and local businesses.  The other artists were Gail Katz James, Kirk Sklar and Mark LaCroix.

Following the tour, we met at a neighborhood community center to hear from local police who reported that similar projects reduced graffiti markings by 50% or more. There is an unspoken respect for not tagging on top of existing art. By chance that it is, this utility box material can be easily washed to remove markings.  This project also furthers Uptown Association's tradition of providing local artists platforms for community art. This is the same association that produces the very popular Uptown Art Fair now in its 50th year.

I brought a print of my original Cherry Tomato illustration and described how I had to create additional art to wrap around the Utility Box template.  I chose Cherry Tomatoes because of the importance of fresh local food whether we grow it ourselves, like I do within my flower bed in the backyard, or purchase it from the many local Farmer's Markets.

Below are more pictures from the event.
Kirk Sklar with his neon Koi

Gail Katz James with her photographed sculpture piece

Mark LaCroix with his You Are Here Map piece
Walking tour with CARAG neighbors
Local police and event organizers

Group artist shot

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Peacock Party

My Mom's 75th birthday is today and we celebrated early over the weekend. Doesn't she look amazing?  It was a peacock themed party so I wanted to share a few pics from the party.
A local baker decorated one of her birthday cakes with a peacock

My family made a peacock fruit tray

And a peacock veggie tray

I designed her invitation and bought lime Mums, my sister bought candies and other decorations

My son and husband made a 12' party banner

Newest family member Amelia was dressed in peacock colors

Ivy and Andy 

Even Brooke had a peacock collar

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pinteresting Craftsman Picks

Raise your hand if you love Pinterest. My hand is raised, too.  One of my favorite boards I pin to is my Contemporary Craftsman where I pin home decor, interior designs and art.  Here's a sampling of some of my pics.  If you want to find the source for these items, click on the item on my Pinterest Board.

Motawi Tileworks Songbirds Pillow

Prairie Flower Fireplace Screen, Mission Motif

Windswept Cypress,Yamamoto, Mission Motif
Geode Oak Moss Pillow, Mission Motif

Laura Wilder

Monday, August 12, 2013

Madeline Island School of the Arts

I got to visit the Madeline Island School of the Arts last Saturday with our Wisconsin lake neighbor Betty who grew up on the Island.  In fact, the school is based on her great Aunt's farm which made the visit even more fun to see and hear her recollections.  

We took our car on the Ferry from Bayfield, Wisconsin over to Madeline Island on a perfect summer's day.  The school is not far out of La Pointe in a  beautiful pasture.  It consists of a collection of newly restored buildings all painted in barn red with white trim.  There's the main office, a gathering place for meals and relaxation, a building for classrooms, guest lodging and the farmhouse where the guest artists stay during their workshops.  The classes offered range from Plein Air Painting, Writing, Photography, Fiber Arts, Yoga and Wellness which last 5 days.  You can check out more information on their website here.  

Traveling by Ferry to Madeline Island

Farmhouse where Guest Instructors stay

One of the classrooms
Gathering spot for students

Our friend Betty (Nelson) Tribbey who grew up on Madeline Island

Guest lodging
Classroom building called The Milk House

Dining Hall

Monday, August 5, 2013

Marking Time in Style

I'm always looking for contemporary Craftsman style items for our home and this summer I got a great one.  My sister took me on a trip down to Iowa City, Iowa a couple years ago to show me a store she thought I'd like called Iowa Artisans Gallery.  Boy, was she right!  It had a variety of art, hand crafts, glass, metal arts but the Schlabaugh & Sons handcrafted clocks blew me away.  They are based in Iowa and have a website to purchase their work.

The wood finish is so smooth, the Craftsman style honored its roots and the Motawi tile insert was the icing on the cake. I didn't buy one then but this summer I had the perfect reason to get one.

Our previous mantle clock had stopped working and we substituted a family hand-me-down that was not our style.  This summer marked our 30th Anniversary so I suggested to Mitch we purchase a new clock to 'mark time'.  He trusted me to pick something out on my trip down to visit family in July.

Well, it wasn't an easy decision.  My sister and Uncle went with me to The Iowa Artisans Gallery and patiently watched me select one clock at a time and place on a pedestal to visualize it on our mantle.  Finally I selected this one with a nice warm wood and Mowtawi tile called Songbird.

It looks great on our mantle and marks a milestone as well.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Poppy Hop Pouches

The Linden Tree Shop in Minneapolis
                                                                                                                                                                                    How fun to visit The Linden Tree and see these pouches! A mini mountain of my Poppy Hop fabric collection. They are beautifully sewn by Mary DesCombaz under her shop name "PogTotes". 

The pouches are over 13" long and 5" high so they are large enough to carry many items.  That's good because I outgrew my last travel pouch.  They are fully lined and have a zipper closure.  

Mary has a wonderful fabric sensibility (is that a term?) and has paired up other designer fabric totes as well using Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry to name drop.  But of course, I encourage you to purchase one of mine.  The Linden Tree is a great neighborhood shop in Minneapolis, so plan to check it out soon.  Here's a link for more info on their hours and location.

Mary has an Etsy shop as well if you can't stop by the Linden Tree, so you can view and purchase her work at this link.  

To purchase my Poppy Hop fabric at Modern Yardage to make your own pouch or other projects, please visit my page at this link. 

Thank you! 

Poppy Hop fabric from Modern Yardage sewn by Pogtotes

Poppy Hop Links and Dance in turquoise collection.
Poppy Hop Passion and Dance in blue color collection