Friday, December 20, 2013

Big SnOwls with Big Possibilities

What could you make with extra large Snow Owls? These fabric panels are available thru Modern Yardage with my SnOwls Collection. My first thought is pillows; both as regular shape and contour shape.  Melissa, owner of The Linden Tree, made up the first pillow using a super soft fabric on the back with a piped edging. Perfect to snuggle with! Thank you to Genevieve and Lindsey for posing with them.

These panels are available in 6 colors to match all the SnOwl prints.  I'm going to use the violet one to make a contour pillow over Christmas break to match the lounge pants I made.

What else can you make with these designs?  A pillow case, a center for a blanket or quilt, a tote, stretch it over canvas for art?  I think it's fun to offer these large panels to my Modern Yardage collections. Check them out and order yours here.

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