Monday, August 5, 2013

Marking Time in Style

I'm always looking for contemporary Craftsman style items for our home and this summer I got a great one.  My sister took me on a trip down to Iowa City, Iowa a couple years ago to show me a store she thought I'd like called Iowa Artisans Gallery.  Boy, was she right!  It had a variety of art, hand crafts, glass, metal arts but the Schlabaugh & Sons handcrafted clocks blew me away.  They are based in Iowa and have a website to purchase their work.

The wood finish is so smooth, the Craftsman style honored its roots and the Motawi tile insert was the icing on the cake. I didn't buy one then but this summer I had the perfect reason to get one.

Our previous mantle clock had stopped working and we substituted a family hand-me-down that was not our style.  This summer marked our 30th Anniversary so I suggested to Mitch we purchase a new clock to 'mark time'.  He trusted me to pick something out on my trip down to visit family in July.

Well, it wasn't an easy decision.  My sister and Uncle went with me to The Iowa Artisans Gallery and patiently watched me select one clock at a time and place on a pedestal to visualize it on our mantle.  Finally I selected this one with a nice warm wood and Mowtawi tile called Songbird.

It looks great on our mantle and marks a milestone as well.


  1. It's' beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Robyn, I stopped in to see your friend Cathy's shop, Art Mission, that day, too. She has several prints I'd like to buy for our home!

  3. Happy Anniversary Cindy + Mitch! A beautiful clock to match a beautiful partnership. :-) Katya (a.k.a. KateBH!)