Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bill Collins Garden Art

This time of year I check out the garden centers for good deals on perennials to add to my garden.  It's nice to use my purchases as an excuse for business expenses to create new card art.  So I've been cruising the places in Southwest Minneapolis and checking out the plants and garden accessories like trellises, pots and sculptures.  Much to my dismay, there weren't many that fit into an Arts & Crafts style landscape.  I know the trend for such gardens are Japanese influences but I'm looking for something different.  Bungalow owners, you don't want victorian or  shabby chic, do you?  When retail fails, check with local artists.

My favorite local garden sculpture artist is Bill Collins.  He created three pieces I have in my yard including this diamond marker that repeats a red diamond shape on our house.  The stained glass is wonderful when the sun shines thru it and it ages beautifully.  I also like how it looks great in the winter, too!  Since we have such long winters, it's important to have something that can stay out all winter and add to the landscape.  Bill's website is here and his Facebook fan page is here for you to check out his wonderful creations.

I want to hear from you if you have an Arts & Crafts style garden artist you want to share with me.  I also want to hear if you are like me and feel there's a niche to fill in Arts & Crafts style garden art.  What would you like to see?  I'm thinking of making an idea notebook and sketchbook of items.  Maybe patio pieces that use my fabric?  Stepping stones or garden markers with my graphic florals?  Let the fun begin!

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