Thursday, March 28, 2013

E-Reader Project

 Carole Youngren is my guest blogger today, sharing her story on creating the E-reader sewing project from my Poppy Hop taupe fabrics. Carole is part of my fabric family from The Linden Tree who have helped create beautiful projects for my Premiere Collection with Modern Yardage. It turned out so amazing!  She has a wonderful eye for style as well as superb sewing skills. Enjoy reading about her process.

An Unexpected Design for Cindy’s Fabrics
by Carole Youngren

The sew4home website is one I read regularly to find ideas for sewing classes and projects. Around Valentine’s Day the website showed an eye-catching e-reader case. I was immediately attracted because it featured a metal zipper and interesting hardware. I liked the look of the chunky hardware on the sleek case. Originally I made the case in other fabrics, for my daughter who is a sophomore in college.

Cindy came into the Linden Tree about that time and we talked about interesting projects for her fabrics. While the skirts, table linens and shower curtain projects were easy to visualize in the fabric, Melissa, Cindy and I couldn’t immediately figure out what to make from the taupe/tan colorway. So I started playing around with folds of the fabric to see what combinations would look good together.

I originally thought of a skirt from the Dance pattern, except I was already going to make a skirt in the blue. I didn’t have enough fabric for a blouse. I started thinking of a purse. I pulled out some purse patterns from independent designers, but none of them seemed quite right. So I kept playing with the fabric.

Once I folded the Dash and Link fabrics into rectangles, I could see the shape of the e-reader case I had just made for my daughter. I picked up a spool of the tan webbing for the handle and was delighted to see that the colors matched nicely. I knew the black plastic hardware would pull the whole design together. Black and tan is such a classy combination! The bag is lined with the Dance pattern. That worked out well too, since the light background of Dance pattern makes it easier to see things inside.

The case is a more graphic design than the skirts, table linens and shower curtain and that made it fun to sew. Watching the project emerge was, I think, a successful lesson in creativity.

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