Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Simple Fabric Projects

I'm working on some simple home dec projects using my Poppy Hop fabric from Modern Yardage.  This is all for a great event coming up in a few days at The Linden Tree. An Interior Designer from Gabberts, Christine Sutphen, and I will meet with customers to show them ideas or answer questions on how to use my fabric for any size room projects. Click here to read more about the event.

Right now I've been working on some small projects to go with other larger items that The Linden Tree is working on. Above is an upcycled bulletin board I made using a thrift store frame I painted white, covered with magenta Poppy Hop fabric on foam core and glued into the frame.  That's a pic of me with my sister Cathy and my Mom with her sister Rose.

The lampshade was a new but inexpensive lamp from Target that I covered with my mint links from the Poppy Hop Collection.  The fabrics all come in three different scales which is very cool.  This is the large scale print.  I have to thank my neighbor for requesting this color for the print. I love it!

Well, back to work with more event prep.  I can't wait to see what Melissa, Carole, Rose and Mary are making out of my fabric, too.

I'll post more pics as projects get made so you will be inspired to get started on some home decor projects, too.  If you want to use my fabrics, they are available thru Modern Yardage here.


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