Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quilt Market Debut

Fab fabric everywhere! Minneapolis hosted the International Quilt Market last weekend and I got to experience it all. Thanks to Modern Yardage who decided to exhibit there and concentrate on selling our quilt labels and panels at wholesale to retail shop owners.  I've done art shows with booths and trade shows in New York, but this one was very unique. Modern Yardage owner, April, had been to several in the past and worked with me via email for a few months on creating the look of the wall panels, what to use for props and sewn samples. While she was busy printing up quilt labels, I was upholstering my dining room chairs with them.  While she was making quilt label bunting and a creative quilt label quilt, I was draping quilt label sample packs over my art show frame. There are 13 designers with Modern Yardage and many of them design quilt labels and panels and kits that were shown in the booth.

It all came together on move-in day with a few adjustments once everything was in the booth. My side had sewn projects using my panel designs from The City of Lakes, Poppy Hop and Amelia Harper Collections thanks to my many talented friends who can sew and embroidery.

That night was Sample Spree where customers wait in line to be the first ones in to purchase items directly from the companies. Anticipation was high for both attendees and sellers. The doors open and customers rush to their favorite table first for the best selection. We had a table ready with our packs of quilt labels and a banner menu of what was inside the packages. We kept extra packets under the table to replenish as they sold.

Here's another Minneapolis exhibitor, my friend Alyssa of Penguin & Fish and her embroidery kits, sample products, books and fabric samples. I really like her style.
 Here's another view of one aisle and the big stacks of fabric waiting for the doors to open.

I'm glad April took this picture showing how busy it was!
 We found out pretty quickly that we were selling something unique that customers were loving. Quilt Market attendees are just the nicest people, too, having a good time while shopping for their stores. 

We were off to a great start and looked forward to the next three days of the Market. More to come about my experience.

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