Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surtex Debut

This May marked my debut as a surface textile designer at Surtex in NYC.  It was a solid six months of planning, creating, marketing and spending to get ready but it was worth it.  The greatest time went into developing my illustrations into formats that manufacturers could envision using on their products.  That required trying them in patterns, borders, different color palettes and formats. Those designs were put in a portfolio and on a slideshow format on my laptop.

The second biggest project was designing an 8x10' booth to draw people in.  Many people show their work in groupings or collections on the walls.  I took a different route and took some of my images and blew them up huge on 3 x 6' banners. It had impact without looking too busy.  Plus it was pretty easy to roll up and check as a bag at the airport.  I also brought one of my Solomon Seal rugs and a variety of my cards.

The variety of manufacturers who stopped by to talk included wallcovering companies, retail print companies, dinnerware and fabric companies, scrapbooking, online photo album companies and a few were international manufacturers including Belgium and Brazil.  I felt it was a good solid showing for my first time and felt validated in my decision to go.  I've been busy following up with the people I met and am on my way to securing my first license with one of the manufacturers.

I also met great exhibitors like Kathy Weller next door to me who took this photo and got to see some of my favorites like Kate Spain. Surtex was the right place to be and I believe my work will make it's way into the retail arena very soon.


  1. Excellent! Awesome looking booth too! Congratulations Cindy!

  2. Thanks Jamie. I appreciate your comment since you know how much work goes into preparing to show there.

  3. Cindy! I had no idea you did rugs and things too!! WOWZA! Excellent! Your pieces look AMAZING!!! Looks like you are doing VERY well! Congrats!
    ~Sara, Catch-A-Star Creations

  4. Thanks Sara. It has been a fun transition for my art. Hope all is well with you!