Thursday, May 9, 2013

LInden Tree Owner: Melissa Pederson

Melissa Pederson, Owner and sewist at The Linden Tree Shop
The driving force behind The Linden Tree Shop in Minneapolis is its owner, Melissa Pederson. She is also responsible for making so many wonderful items out of my Poppy Hop fabric and displaying them in her shop.  It is her dog, Jackson, who modeled the lovely dog bed she made for him on my brochure cover.  He is a regular at the shop and loves to greet customers who come to shop.  Melissa's daughters, Lindsey and Sydney, are also frequently at the shop helping Mom when they can.

Jackson is one lucky dog with his custom dog bed
Melissa likes 'to let the fabric, not the sewing pattern create beauty' in what she sews.  Many times there isn't a pattern as with the dog bed she made for Jackson. She used three Poppy Hop prints in the top, bottom and piping and based it on Jackson's size as a Schnorkie (Schnauzer/Yorkie).   Below are some of the many items she made to spark your creativity and helped to show how my fabric looks on a variety of clothing and home decor items.  I am so grateful for her help and support of my fabric line for Modern Yardage.  Please support local shops like The Linden Tree who do so much for us.  They are our neighborhood treasures. Here's a link to their website for more info on shopping, sewing classes, store events and custom sewing.
Small pillow with piping using the Poppy taupe panel

Napkin ring using Poppy passion print

Cute skirt using Poppy passion and links prints

Poppy passion taupe on one side, soft fuzzy on the blanket's  flip side 

Girl's dress with shoulder ties in the store window

A simple summery skirt with Poppy dance

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