Monday, February 23, 2015

Boot Buoys

What are these?  Something everyone needs!  Melinda Pfohl created these using my City of Lakes fabric to hold your boots upright in your closet. Ingenious!
My boots are always slumped like this and awkwardly stored. These Boot Buoys slip into your boots and hold the upright.
Melinda told me people will buy them as a gift for a friend and they like it so much, they buy them for their friends and so on and so on.  Such a smart design and they are light as a feather.

I liked the gray ribbon trim that matched my fabric. The sewing and design is very professional and beautifully packaged. I love the logo. She has made these in other colors as well. You may contact Melinda to get a pair for yourself or for your friend at I enjoyed meeting her and seeing how she is using my City of Lakes lake names fabric from Modern Yardage.

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