Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wild at Heart

Edible art? Yes! It's Valentine's Day week and St. Croix Chocolate Company released their "Wild at Heart" limited edition box of Chocolates containing two of my illustrations in coco butter on truffles. This project benefits The Wildlife Science Center near Forest Lake, Minnesota by donating some of the proceeds and also includes a buy one/get one free admission to visit their facility.

So how did this project evolve?  I had collaborated with Robyn from SCCC in the past with a ginkgo illustration topped on their handmade truffles and presented in handmade boxes covered in my ginkgo fabric. It was tasty and stunning, so I was eager to work with her again on this project.

Robyn liked my white snow owl and fox illustration and asked me to modify them to very simple color shapes that could fit on a 1.5" square shape.  So I eliminated detail, thickened line weights and sent her digital files that would be made into butter cream transfer sheets.

We chose The Wildlife Science Center based upon a recommendation by a University of Minnesota grad who spent time there for his undergrad study.  Here's a video of the Executive Director, Peggy Callahan, sharing a look at the Center and explaining their animal research and education.

These beautifully birch boxed chocolates are available to purchase at the St. Croix Chocolate Co. website here.

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