Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Road Trip: Monona Terrace

This inscription says it all. Madison, Wisconsin made Frank Lloyd Wright rework his plans for Monona Terrace several times  between 1938 until until his death in 1959 and then waited until the 90's to build it. It was on my Frank Lloyd Wright list to tour and fortunately, my sister Cathy drove over from Iowa to join me. We've toured many of Wright's buildings together over the last 10 years.
The best view is from the middle of Lake Monona, so you'll have to settle for this model view instead. It has a circular theme through out the exterior and interior design that I haven't seen in previous buildings. It's a community and convention center that opened in 1997.
We loved having lunch at the public cafe on the roof overlooking the lake on this beautiful summer day. 

These are just a few highlights from our tour with our very knowledgable guide. You can always tell when a guide is a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan and speaks passionately about the building. These are some interior shots of auditorium, trade show spaces, dining and event rooms.

 My sister and I really liked these hanging lights. They looked rather art deco. The guide said they look even better when the other lights are low and these are brighter.

 The view from inside towards Lake Monona.
 The carpets designs captured the building theme as well.
This view made me think of the Guggenheim Museum with it's circular style.
Then it's off to the Gift Shop to talk to the manager and do some shopping....I mean 'research'.

I shared my card and print designs with her and we decided to do a view of Monona Terrace with some other Madison buildings in the skyline. I can't wait to start drawing and collaborate with her on my views of this wonderful building. 
Next, on the trip list is Olbrich Gardens in Madison.

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