Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meet Amelia Harper

4 generations: Amelia Harper, my niece Jessie, my sister Cathy & my Mom Carol.It was a peacock theme birthday party for my Mom last October and everyone dressed accordingly!  
Meet Amelia Harper, the namesake for my latest Modern Yardage Collection.  I knew last year when my niece Jessie and her husband Matt announced they were going to have a baby, that I wanted to design a line of fabric for their nursery and their baby.

Amelia Harper born in August
Jessie and Matt were looking for gender neutral imagery and color.  They saw their friends receive pink and blue items only to have their next baby be a different gender. So I kept that in mind while developing oranges, greens, taupes, turquoise and mint green palettes.  Jessie and I both share a love of Craftsman style and have gone on many Frank Lloyd Wright home tours with my sister (her Mom) so part of the collection needed to represent that as well.

So while they put the nursery together, I was developing the fabric designs.  They knew they were having a girl but didn't disclose the name they chose, so I would have to wait to know what my collection would be called.

Amelia Harper was born in August in Minneapolis. I'm the closest relative in town so I rushed over as soon as possible to meet her.  Such a wonderful sweet baby! Aren't we all biased when it comes to the babies in our family?
Jessie, Matt and Amelia at Christmas

So now my collection had a name. It would take a few more months for my collection to be born at Modern Yardage.  I have been working with very talented friends and bloggers to create wonderful items out of the fabric. We will be sharing nursery items, a specially designed quilt, clothes and much more this month.

I am so lucky to live so close to Amelia and be a part of her life. You can purchase Amelia Harper fabric online at  Modern Yardage here.

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