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Nursery Design ABC's

Christine Sutphen, ASID
How do you start to design a nursery space and where do the fabrics come in to the plan? I designed my Amelia Harper fabrics with a nursery in mind for projects and decor and wanted to get some expert advice. Christine Sutphen, ASID is a Senior Interior Designer with Gabberts Design Studio and Fine Furnishings in Edina, Minnesota. I was thrilled when she agreed to do a Q&A on the ABC's of nursery design. You are welcome to contact her yourself thru her contact information at the end of the blog.

What's the first decision when planning to decorate a nursery? Where do we start?

Most of my clients start with the crib because it is the first thing they think of for a nursery.  Secondly, we address a comfortable chair like a rocker and a good piece of furniture for changing the baby and/or storage solutions.  I try to zero in on a color palette by reviewing upholstery options and fabrics for the crib bedding.  Some people know if they are expecting a girl or a boy and decorate accordingly.  Others do a more gender neutral room.  My advice is to determine the textiles first and then determine the paint color.  Secondly, consider fabrics that are more timeless so the room can mature as the baby gets older.

How do you work with expectant parents?

As a professional interior designer, I help my clients to get a full vision for a nursery.  I suggest flooring, bedding, window treatments, lighting, and flexible furniture that makes sense with the rest of the style of the home.  Some of my clients start by sharing photos with me that they have gathered from magazines or online so that I know what appeals to them. Design is in the details and many of those details can mean a lot when parents are operating on little sleep! Washable fabrics, room darkening window treatments, and lighting on a dimmer offer a lot of flexibility when infants need so much from their parents.

So once they have the furnishings, how do they pick a theme and extend it to the room?

Thankfully, nursery themes have gotten more sophisticated over the years.  The best room designs are created when I get to know my clients well so I can truly suggest materials that support the life style of the parents.  Interior designers have so many fantastic resources to utilize that go far beyond what is available in the ready-made world.  I can design spaces that are truly one-of-a-kind originals and the nursery meets the needs and budgets of the expectant parents.  For example, customized bedding, lamp shades, diaper caddy, and window treatments can really make a room sing!  Any expectant parent can buy a line of bedding off of a shelf.  It's like buying your dinner from the freezer section and simply warming it up in the microwave.  However, a truly custom designed space feels as good to the senses as a home cooked meal. It may take a little bit more prep to create but the final result is more fulfilling to the soul.

How can you see my Amelia Harper fabrics being used? 

Your Amelia Harper fabrics are like candy to interior designers because they can be used in so many combinations and they are all yummy!  I was drawn toward the cherry color line.  The berry red and blue green colors can be utilized in either a boys or girls room.  That fabric grouping can be customized even further if the lamb fabric is brought in because it features more of the rosy pick color that would be appropriate for a baby girl's room.  Having fabric groupings like this make it easy to make an adorable space.  It's like having all the right, fresh spices at your finger tips as you prepare a meal!

Amelia Harper Collection, Cherry color way, Modern Yardage
Thank you so much, Christine, for sharing your interior design insight with us! Contact Christine for other interior design challenges you may have; she is truly a wonderful person to work with.

Christine Suphen, ASID
Senior Interior Designer
Gabberts Design Studio and Fine Furnishings
3501 Galleria
Edina, MN  55435
Office: 952-927-1538
Fax: 952.927.1581

You can see more of my Amelia Harper fabrics at Modern Yardage here.

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