Monday, July 25, 2011

Wild Blueberry Inspiration

This was my second year picking wild blueberries near our cabin in Iron River, Wisconsin. It just happened to coincide with the annual Blueberry Festival in town.  I only went to town to get blueberry donuts at the bakery and the rest of the time was spent picking the real ones along the back country roads.  I don't think people realize how short wild blueberry plants are.  They aren't like the domestic kind at the garden stores.  That's why I like to pick a 'bouquet' of them- they're short and make a perfect edible bunch.
 This year my sister-in-law Mona found the best spot and we picked about seven hours in two days. It gets addictive!  The picture shows just part of our bounty.  We ate them raw, we ate them in a tart, in a parfait dessert, in a slushy cocktail and then Mona showed me how to make freezer jam. It was wonderful!

I created a new card to honor the blueberries we love to pick and listed it in my Etsy shop. I also just got my fabric swatch back from Spoonflower. I think it made a really fun pattern.

So if you see some ladies out in the brush with little buckets next July in Northern Wisconsin, you'll know what we're doing out there.