Monday, January 20, 2014

Making Room for More Art in Your Life

Homegrown Bittersweet, my Grandpa's straw hat and my framed art.
This is what I hear a lot at my art shows..... "I love your work but I just don't have room in my house!" 

Same shelf with my son's art of Garrison Keillor and my framed art. 
I'm here to offer you a solution that I use in my home studio.  It's a large shelf I bought at Ikea and measures a little over 6 feet long and is about 10 inches deep.  Since I spend so much time at the computer facing this shelf, I occasionally or seasonally like to change things up. Without having to hang the artwork or add nail holes in the wall, I just lean the frames up against the wall. 

You will enjoy rotating your art, or collections and creating your own combinations.  So make some room for more art in your life.  

Large glass vase with dried reeds, art framed in white and ceramic white pitcher.