Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rugged Rug?

My rug designs of the Poppy & Pod and Solomon Seal made thru Rug Rats are just beautiful.  The colors turned out wonderful, the quality of the hewn edge and rubber backing and nylon surface are top notch.  When I've shown them at Art Fairs people are drawn to them. Some comments are, 'They're too pretty to walk on.'  I think to myself, so you want an ugly rug in your home? Part of the Arts & Crafts anthem was home products should be useful and beautiful.

The rugs are intended to be used indoors but some people have asked if they can be used outdoors.  So I am putting my Poppy rug to the test to see if it can
handle a Minnesota winter.  I put it in front of our door last month and it has endured snow, sleet, salt and shoveling.  If you live around here, you know that it's been a bad winter, so this will be a great test to see how it does.  I really want to know,too, so I can honestly tell people how rugged the rugs are.  So when Spring arrives, I'll give you an update.  I sell the two rugs in my Etsy shop and locally at The Linden Tree.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Forget to Say Thank You

I know, I sound like your Mother but she was right.  The Holidays are over and it's best to send a prompt note of appreciation for gifts you received.

From the author Margaret Shepherd who wrote. "The Art of the Handwritten Note" comes some advice.  Send a note even if you thanked them in person.  Mention the gift and thank them for the thought behind it. Keep the message short, write the note by hand and be prompt.  You can eliminate part of the panic if you have note cards and stamps on hand.  It's especially important to acknowledge gifts sent from a distance so the person knows it reached you.

I encouraged my son Taylor to write a thank you note for money gifts before he could spend it.  People take the time, trouble and expense to let you know they care about you. Let them know you appreciate it.  So get some cards, stamps and get writing.  And your Mother wants me to tell you to eat more vegetables and floss more, too.  Thank you for your time.