Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Janome Embroidery Designs, Part 2

It's like Christmas when I get to see projects stitched using my latest Janome designs!

What are some good uses of my new embroidery designs for Janome? Well, check out these two tea towel designs by Wendy Jo Miller. She applied my tea design onto a tea towel using her Memorycraft 500e.  The final design measures about 4" x5" and is well suited for a heavier fabric like this.

Wendy also stitched my coffee design onto a matching tea towel.  She said the coffee used a lot of thread to complete, creating a very dense area on the final piece. That's why it's helpful for me to see how my designs translate and perhaps improve function in new designs.

I really love how Wendy added the word "HOME" to my pine cone design. She picked a complimentary font and made it just the right size and color to compliment my art. This is also stitched onto a heavier weight tea towel, but can't you imagine making a pillow out of this design for your home or cabin? The final dimensions are 5.5" x 5". There is flexibility in resizing the design for other applications.

Look how cool the poppies look stitched onto jeans! Thank you, Wendy, for using your imagination and sewing skills to create these fun sample projects, I can't wait to see more.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Janome Embroidery Designs, Part 1

It is so exciting to see my line art embroidered onto fabric! This Janome technology is truly amazing and is masterfully sewn by my friends Sandy and Brandi at Valley West Sewing Center in Bloomington. They surprised me by stitching my latest collection on their Janome Memory Craft 1500 sewing machine and invited me down to take a look.
Oak leaf and Acorn design. 

Forget Me Not design with metallic thread edging on the flowers

 This Bittersweet can be repeated to create a border design.

The Dragonflies can also be repeated for a border design.
The Calla Lily would be even better on white fabric.

The Ginkgo Twist design 


Lotus has a lot of possibilities.

Poppy trio. I'll soon be showing you a wonderful sample of it embroidered onto jeans.

I love the Arts and Crafts style Rose Heart.

It helps me, as a designer, to see how it all translates visually and helps me to provide feedback to Janome on how the templates were for sewing. These designs are all available as apps for sewists to purchase online.