Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Janome Embroidery Designs

Can you believe this was stitched on a sewing machine? I can't believe it either, but I watched it happen. Sandy at Valley West Sewing Center in Bloomington, Minnesota took me thru the steps of selecting my art file online, uploading it to the Janome Memory Craft 1500 sewing machine and watching it stitch out in layers.

It's part of my new license adventure with Janome. Thirty of my designs are in the Backyard Bliss Collection available as apps for sewists to purchase and unleash their creativity. Besides recreating my color palette, this app has the flexibility to change size and change colors! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Today let's follow Sandy thru the steps of creating my Poinsettia design on a dinner napkin.
Here's my Backyard Bliss Collection as viewed on an iPad.

The Poinsettia design gives the price, stitches, size, and a design credit to me.

Sandy wanted to find the center of the design so she can place it on the napkin.

She placed a print out in position where I wanted it on the napkin to size.

Sandy places an adhesive-backed paper in the hoop and marks the center. 
Then she centers the napkin yellow X with the adhesive paper center X and places it under the sewing machine needle.

The sewing machine digital screen shows the layers used to create the Poinsettia design.

Sandy let me choose the thread colors.

Sandy starts the process on the Janome Memory Craft 1500.

A view of the whole design on the sewing machine screen

Here's a view of the second thread color being added

The second color thread layer is sewn. 

It's almost done!

A view from above the machine.

Sandy is a natural teacher! I enjoyed watching the whole process.

Sandy trims off little threads before removing the napkin from the adhesive paper in the hoop.

Thank you to Sandy at Valley West Sewing Center for letting me share this process with you!  We look forward to sharing more projects together.