Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Card Reenactments

My yard is now a card show of past flowers I've drawn into cards. Here's my Bleeding Heart which has been a favorite and prolific flower in my front yard.
I planted just a few Allium bulbs last Fall and they just bloomed this week. Yes, it's a late Spring here in Minneapolis!  If you like this card, order it soon. It may disappear before Fall when I must prune back on my Etsy offerings.
The white Tulips are my sentimental favorite because this was the very first card I illustrated in my Craftsman Nouveau style.  I also love white flowers and have continually tried to have my version of a moonlight garden in the backyard. There were many more of these before the rain got them last night.
Sweet fragrant Lily of the Valley can be found growing where ever they chose in my yard.
Yep, they sneak into my yard, too. My illustration has elevated this lowly Dandelion to a pretty card.

Another white flower on my deck.  These are petite white Carnations which I had simplified for a Love Always card.
And finally, the Iris is just shy of blooming on the street side of the yard.  It will undoubtedly make it's appearance soon.

All of these cards are available in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CindyLindgren