Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Illustrating Olbrich Garden

I'm still working on card designs from my research and reference trip thru Wisconsin in June. In Madison, I visited the gift shop manager at Olbrich Gardens who is interested in my cards and in a custom card of their gardens. My experience with Como Conservatory in St. Paul, led me to suggest the garden where people get married. People love to have a card or print illustrating that special place.

At Olbrich, the weddings occur at the Events Garden. I took several pictures for reference. The purple flowers, including Wisteria, were gorgeous. Some weren't in bloom yet, but I could illustrate them in full bloom in my final art.

The setting was very balanced with the gardens mirroring each other either side of the path. The background was the most challenging with the large amounts of green, but the brown wooden pergola created a nice central structure to build upon.

Here's the final illustration of the Event Garden with the purple and white flowers, many round bushes and the stone pathway that leads to the outdoor altar under the pergola. I hope couples will enjoy my version of this beautiful space where they got married.