Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Color Up North

Gorgeous color everywhere!  We drove up to our cabin to enjoy one last nice weekend and close it up for the season.  The maples, oaks and poplars were a blaze with color and contrasted against the bluest sky I've seen.  Photos don't convey the intensity but I thought I'd share a few I took during the weekend.  We had one last fire in the outdoor stone fireplace, one last s'more and made one last trip around Iron Lake before hauling the boat and dock out. The only drawback to our little cabin in Fall is the tin roof on it.  The acorns that fall on it are very loud! Other than that, I just love the rocks, water,wildflowers, trees and the wildlife. I jot down ideas for new art while up there.  It's always inspiring. Having my sister-in-law Mona and Noel next door makes our summer even more fun.  

View from our dock

Best seat on the Lake

Love our old stone fireplace.  

Our tin roof cabin