Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Master Framers

If you are selling prints at an Art Crawl and your host for the event is an extraordinary frame shop, what do you do?? I start imagining my prints framed however I wish.

Last weekend was the St. Paul Art Crawl and Master Framers hosted four guest artists in their gallery space. This year I was set up right in front of rows and rows of frame corners so in between waves of people walking thru, I started to 'play' with their frames.

I was drawn to the frame with squares in the corners because it's a frequent motif I incorporate in my art to balance out compositions.
Then there was another frame that picked up the dragonfly wing lines in this cool frame.
Some frames had unusual shaped corners that intrigued me.

This frame echoed the lines in my sunflower print and had the square in the corner bringing out the diamond shape. 
My corn print has never looked so regal! I like how the frame squiggles bring out the corn husk shape.  

Thank you, Master Framers for letting me play with your frames!  Here's a link to their business.
They are a real gem in the art framing business.