Thursday, March 28, 2013

E-Reader Project

 Carole Youngren is my guest blogger today, sharing her story on creating the E-reader sewing project from my Poppy Hop taupe fabrics. Carole is part of my fabric family from The Linden Tree who have helped create beautiful projects for my Premiere Collection with Modern Yardage. It turned out so amazing!  She has a wonderful eye for style as well as superb sewing skills. Enjoy reading about her process.

An Unexpected Design for Cindy’s Fabrics
by Carole Youngren

The sew4home website is one I read regularly to find ideas for sewing classes and projects. Around Valentine’s Day the website showed an eye-catching e-reader case. I was immediately attracted because it featured a metal zipper and interesting hardware. I liked the look of the chunky hardware on the sleek case. Originally I made the case in other fabrics, for my daughter who is a sophomore in college.

Cindy came into the Linden Tree about that time and we talked about interesting projects for her fabrics. While the skirts, table linens and shower curtain projects were easy to visualize in the fabric, Melissa, Cindy and I couldn’t immediately figure out what to make from the taupe/tan colorway. So I started playing around with folds of the fabric to see what combinations would look good together.

I originally thought of a skirt from the Dance pattern, except I was already going to make a skirt in the blue. I didn’t have enough fabric for a blouse. I started thinking of a purse. I pulled out some purse patterns from independent designers, but none of them seemed quite right. So I kept playing with the fabric.

Once I folded the Dash and Link fabrics into rectangles, I could see the shape of the e-reader case I had just made for my daughter. I picked up a spool of the tan webbing for the handle and was delighted to see that the colors matched nicely. I knew the black plastic hardware would pull the whole design together. Black and tan is such a classy combination! The bag is lined with the Dance pattern. That worked out well too, since the light background of Dance pattern makes it easier to see things inside.

The case is a more graphic design than the skirts, table linens and shower curtain and that made it fun to sew. Watching the project emerge was, I think, a successful lesson in creativity.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mother Daughter Poppy Hop Skirts

How adorable did these skirts turn out?  My friend and sewist extraordinare, Carole Youngren at the Linden Tree made these Mother/Daughter skirts using my Poppy Hop fabric from Modern Yardage for the brochure photo shoot. How fun to have Cara and daughter Ingrid model the skirts! Oh, I can't forget Ingrid's doll in her matching ensemble. Cara helps at The Linden Tree and also sells men's stylish pocket scarves she sews. The point of making Mother/Daughter skirts was to show off that the fabric is available in three different sizes or scales of print, so you could chose a medium print for the Mom and small print for the daughter. The same is true for all the coordinating prints at Modern Yardage.

Carole did a wonderful job sewing all these pieces.  Here are a few photos up close so you can see more detail in the skirts.  Ingrid's skirt is from Oliver & S Hula Hoop skirt pattern.  The outside print is the Poppy Passion blue in small scale with the reverse made in Blossom small scale.  There is a flip on the front and the back of the skirt which can be worn in reverse. It has an elastic waist band.

The doll dress is adapted from Joan Hind's book, Sew Today's Fashions for 18-inch Dolls.  It is made with the same prints as the daughter skirt with the addition of the Dash print used for the bottom ruffle.  I love the piping made from the blossom print between the two prints.  Again, the small scale is great for a doll.

The skirt Cara wore is adapted from Hot Patterns Plain and Simple A-line Skirt.  The waist band is from the Poppy Hop blue color way, Dash print, medium scale. Carole came up with the fun idea of attaching a denim pocket on the back.  So I bought a pair of washed denim pair of girls shorts and she carefully removed the pocket and added it to the skirt.  Love it!  What a fun creative way to customize your skirt.  The bottom is face hemmed in the dash print and the inside is lined.

I encourage you to send me pics of your skirt made out of my Poppy Hop fabric, available at Modern Yardage.  Share your creative combinations and designs with us!

Here's a look at the Poppy Hop Blue Collection.  Passion is in the front, followed by Dance, Blossom, Links, and Dash. You can get an idea of the three different scales from the photo and how these mix and match in many combinations.

My gratitude to Carole for sharing her talent and creativity in making these skirts.  Thank you, too, Cara and Ingrid for bringing them to life.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Countdown to Launch

What has been months in preparing is finally only a couple days away.

On Friday, March 15th, my very first fabric collection, Poppy Hop, will launch with the brand new textile company, Modern Yardage.  It has been a dream of mine and I couldn't have done it without the help of my Fabric Family at the Linden Tree.  Melissa has helped me understand fabric collections through the wonderful designer fabric she carries in her shop. They would offer their opinions on coordinates and colors leading up to the final files. I ran down there when my first strike offs were sent and get everyone's opinion in the shop at the time.  She and Carole have taken my first fabric and sewn it into wonderful projects for my first brochure.  

Last week it was time for the photo shoot of all the wonderful items.  My photographer friend and neighbor, Jana, came over to set up lights in my living room.  Melissa brought over her dog Jackson and his stylish new dog bed made from my Poppy Hop Passion, Links and Dash.  This photo is one of the many taken, but he was licking his chops because I was coaxing him with cheese.  He is adorable and you can meet him if you stop in at The Linden Tree. Heres' their link: The Linden Tree.   Other items we took pictures of were pillows, placemat, napkin, shower curtain and tech bag.  
The next day I met Cara and her daughter Ingrid to photograph them wearing their Mother/daughter skirts.  This shows off my design in two different scales.  I'll write more on these wonderful skirts that Carole made including the matching doll dress for Ingrid's doll.  Ingrid's skirt is also reversible, with that hint of orange flip showing.  They were both so wonderful to photograph!  

There is nothing as exciting as seeing my designs printed onto fabric and made into such a variety of items.  I can't wait to have more items from the fabric. I encourage you to purchase my fabric from Modern Yardage and send me photos of what you make so I can share your inspiration with others.   

A special thanks to Jay, April and Erin at Modern Yardage for their support and for having my collection be their very first launch!