Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Small Framed Art

Frame my cards?  I hear people say they are purchasing my cards to frame and I always wonder how they turn out. Well, I tried it myself and wanted to share my results with you.

First of all I was inspired by the frames at Master Framers in St. Paul. They hosted an art event at their shop last weekend and I was one of five artisans displaying my cards and prints. While there, I looked thru their sale bin of small ready made frames and picked out a few to buy.
There was a nice variety of woods and metals to chose from.  My favorite frame deal came with a silk-like mat in it with a gray metal frame.  It worked perfectly with the colors in my thistle card.  I trimmed off the card and mounted it directly on top of the mat. Make sure you leave enough space around the card when you choose a frame.

I'll bring it along to my next art event to show how nice my cards looked framed.