Monday, March 26, 2018

Taliesin House Illustration

Taliesin was Frank Lloyd Wright's Wisconsin home. It sits into the hill and has a glorious view over the valley. The catwalk out from the living room is a spectacular feature. I've been on the tour three times and learn or see something new each visit. Last time, I had to photograph it from the tour bus window for my reference and complete details with additional photo reference from the Taliesin Preservation staff.
You can see the glare from the tour bus window in my photo. The tour doesn't include walking down in front of the building so this was my only opportunity to take pictures and get the angle I wanted. I tamed the wild bushes in front to groups of shrubs and played up some of the day lilies and flowering shrubs in bloom. Other photos offered details of the shadow areas and finally feedback from the staff at Taliesin Bookstore helped shape the illustration.
This was the pencil I sent before adding color to the final art. I kept similar palettes between Taliesin and the Courtyard art so they would group together as a pair. It was a thrilling challenge to work on! Final cards and prints will be available at the Taliesin Visitor Center this Spring and also online. I will sell signed prints of Taliesin and the Courtyard in my Etsy shop and will donate 25% back to Taliesin Preservation so they can maintain these historic landmarks for future generations.

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